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Another Week Down

So it's a pattern, I write once a week. Or there abouts.

Last Sun. I drove all over Orlando getting the cars my roomates left behind. It took all afternoon. Kriszta and I ate at Too Jay's even after I put up a fight. KZ got a call to go drink at Bennigan's and I got a call to see Brent. I was damn full, but there is always room for drinks. After a rowdie trip to Ale House I had a great idea to go to Steak and Shake for a malt. The malt turned into three shakes, guess who had most of them all...Being there was like old times where I'd get drunk and go to Denny's or the like. We were throwing napkins an straws. We goraged ourselves on dessert, and he made himself puke as we left. He puked on the car parked next to us. Nice. I drove away in a hurry.

Work this week was more than I've been doing for a while. I actually got overtime. WAHOO!!! About damn time. My paychecks have been so pitiful it's sick. I need money. I did get a it's time for a 90 day review speech from Sheri. Fuck. Now I will formally be told how I suck. Can't wait.

Thurs. I got a call from Brent telling me his helper with the truck didn't come through to move the bed. This turned into the can you please help me call. Well, I did, and it was damn funny. We somehow got a king sized bed tied on my car. Well, Brent did I guess. I felt like I was in "Speed" when I was driving home. All I kept hearing was "Don't go over 20mph!! I can hold the bed like this, don't go faster!!". I was going 30, I'm a speed deamon. It was all him getting it up the stairs to the apartment. Putting the thing together was interesting. The frame fell apart once evenything was together, and Brent lost it. He threw the mattress and it knocked into the lamp. He tossed the box springs and one put a hole in the wall. That's when I stepped back and was like, WTF?!?!?!?! Then the apologies kicked in. He turned back into a normal person.

Fri. after work I met up with Brent again and he cooked the most amazing dinner. It was all this Asian food made with a lot of coconut. The best was the shrimp in the coconut milk with rice. So rich and yummy. I made fried coconut shrimp, they rocked. Then there was the wontons with the crab and cheese mixture. Did I say yum? He was a bit preoccupied that night wanting to do this menu thing for work. I gave up on watching the movie alone and hung out with him. This was the first night I got to sleep on the bed, and it was comfy. When I woke up and saw the sun it was all over. Brent had to be at work at 6am that morning, I was off. In 5 min. I was up and in my car with him. He was an hour a half late to work. The funny thing was he wanted to know who to call to tell them he was late, 'cause he's the one in charge!! He talked to one of the people in the kitchen and they threatened to write him up. Hehehehe...

Got a call that night, didn't expect that. He told me of the perrils of his day, and I laughed. In the end I told him I picked up a shift on Monday and we start at the same time. Give me a call Sun. after work and we'll make plans. I didn't get a call. I did however get a dead battery in my car. Had to jump it with the neighbor's cables. Went to Wal Mart for a new one. $45 later I went to Ale House with KZ and saw Colin. The encounter ensued, he's dating another girl and KZ's devestated. I don't blame her one bit. We drank. We also met up with some slime ball she met last weekend at Eye Spy. Never want to see him again. Ewwww...Watched the Stealer's game so I could give B the play-by-play, but as I mentioned, he never called. From here I will not say what I did, but sufice it to be we didn't talk last night and I slept at home. Went to work on my own today.

When I talked to him at work it was kind of weird. I was in a great mood today and said I wanted to see him tonight. I said this. He was like, oh, I don't know when I'll get off today, it may be a while. So, I came home and have been here watching the news ever since. Well, now I've moved on to the Real World. No call as of now. I will not give in. I will not call him, for real. He must be in one of those moods...he'll come around, he has to. He has my shit and is going to a concert with me in a month. I know he's moody, but damn it, don't be a girl. This is what I hate about dating, the un-needed drama. Why can't things always be good and happy? I like them better then. Urgh.
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