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Work, Sleep, Repete

That's my life. I completed day 7 of 12, I'm on the down side. Wahoo. It's been crazy lately. The sad thing that I hate admitting is I like it like that. I love being busy, running my ass off...and making the $$ that goes along with it. I to work volunteered 6 days last and this week. I did it to myself- last week with PBX, this purely with Banquets/Catering. I think that I have had a bonding experience with Jennifer, and she really is trusting me more. Or maybe it's just that she doesn't trust Courtney. I like the first thought better. We have pushed through FL Dental, and now the disaster that is Guident. Man, this group has the potential to relaly rock- it's sales training for a medical distributing company, but they don't have their shit together. The funniest thing is seeing Corrine getting mad. During the 2 hour long pre-con I thought she was shooting darts from her eyes at the changes the client was making, and the little conversations that were happening while she wantend to get out of there. Hehehe. I'm hourly, I love the long drawn out meetings...This week will be interesting.

So, for the weekly update. From last Monday, I got a call that night, and it was a great conversation. We talked for over an hour. The fiasco of last Sun. was explained: he didn't hear me knocking on the door, and basically was sleeping and felt no need to answer his phone. I asked if it's bad I try to make plans, and he said no- it's just hard to coordinate our work schedules. It's frustrating, but I agree. So, we talked about getting together on Tues. since he was off. He made this amazing dinner and we went out drinking. The rest of the night is rated S for stupid, but man, I had a great time if you know what I mean. Paid the price the next day- a 12 hour shift off 4 hours of sleep.

Talked Wed. for a long time. During the convo. I asked if he wanted to go out for dinner on Fri. night. He said yes. Well, Fri. came- he was to be off- and I see him at work. I was surprised. Wanted to know if that would effect our plans, he said no, he'd be out at a reasoable hour. Well, I made reservations at Charly's with this in mind. Did I go? No. Did he call that night, no. Not till today did I talk to him, and that was by accident. Apparently the past few nights have been horrible in the hotel and he's been getting out VERY late. Although I think phones still work in the middle of the night he dosn't agree. I guess it's a courtesy thing, lame.

So, whatever. I've been working my ass off with no sign of it ending, so I can sympathize...but I miss him. Hopefully things will work out this week- but as I have come to realize: it just is what it is.
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