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Only Three Days To Go!!!

Yes ladies and gents, the end is near...the 5am hour will no longer see me, until the weekend is over and I go back to work. Or maybe I'll just be out all night. Yeah, right!! So, Guidant has been kicking my ass. They still don't have their shit together, and we don't have the staff to pull things out of the air for them all day long. Today they added 70 people to their lunch 2 hours before the event...and they cut their coffee from the morning and afternoon breaks to get people in rooms quicker. It didn't work. And as far as the lunch thing goes, I want part of tip pool, because I was a baquet server today along with all the other managers and even the two Sous Chefs. Then I got to switch hats and do CS for most of the rest of the day. Damn I'm talanted. I must say that GB said I was all over eveything and he should have taken the day off. That's a far cry from the review he gave me almost a year to the day ago. Man, how time cures so many things.

No news on the boy front. I am waiting until tomorrow to see of he comes through...I hate waiting.
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