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Man, I couldn't have planned it if I tried. So, I was feeling really shitty, like making myself sick almost. This is something I am good at I'm sad to say. I do it mostly over other people, but also at situations that make me nervous. I get my innards all twisted and look like I'm about to explode- not a good look for me I must say. Anyhow, I left work and drove up Semoran for some reason to go home. There were all these red lights I kept getting stopped at. One close to Curry Ford was really long. I was looking around and saw this guy walking, then I took a closer look...he was s big guy in a white shirt and green backpack. That seems familar. It was Brent. I tooted my horn and he came running over. It was raining. So weired. He got in the car and we talked.

So, he was on his way to his friend's house for the afternoon. I must say that I am jealous, but at the same time I know it's been a LONG time since he hung out with Huggs. It's only a nick-name. The boy told me the perrials of the last approx. week. He's been getting out at around 3am and relying on others to get him home. So, that proves the late to home theory I had. I was told about last Fri. when we were to go out, he left work really late, and that's the night he got sick. I won't go into detail, but suffice it to say it was similar to when I got my food poisioning in S.C. Then he had a head cold. This all lasted till about Tues. The entire time he was working those 14 hour days leaving at 3am. OK, that sucks. I feel for him. But, why not get in touch with me once he was off work- like yesterday or today? Well, yesterday he slept all day. Rented a movie and slept. Today he slept. He'd gotten up not too much before I was driving home from work and was window shopping at the Semoran stores. He said he was thinking about me today...OK, act on that bi-otch.

I was really cold at first- not really talking at all and looking straight ahead at the road. He kept grabbing my knee and saying "so, what's up?" all happy and shit. I warmed up after I made him feel bad that I made reservations last Fri. night. I drove him to Hugg's, that way I got to see him and talk for a while. We parked in the apartment parking lot and talked for a while. I asked if he was mad at me and avoiding me at all, he just laughed. I know, I am paronoid. I live for that shit, I'm not happy unless I'm miserable. So, things are fine, and I over reacted. He eventually got up to leave and said "I better leave now otherwise we'll be here talking for hours". I could do that. I love heaing his stories, and then venting with mine. He gave me a great big kiss and was off. His schedule changed and now he's closing tomorrow night then opening on Sat. morning. That really sucks. I was hopeing to see him Sat. night, but he'll just go home and go to bed. I now am holding out for Sunday, but you never know. After he told he his schedule and I was like WTF? When will we see each other? He just laughed and said, "March is not that far away!!!". Funny.

The sad thing is this- the busy season has just begun. I will be batteling this for a few months. I will work my ass off, and he will too, just not at the same time I guess. He talked about tranfering properties, and I talked about moving on with my carrear. He asked how he could get out of his internship here, and I suggested him to say he was pregnant with my child and had to relocate with me. Hehehehe, I thought it was funny....the opposite would not be.

Last night I went to John's going away party at the Ale House. It was hard to say good bye to him, but I have a big feeling we'll be seeing each other again, and kind of soon. He's off to Denver, and I am jealous. Anja is next, at the end of the month. That one will be really really hard for me, she's like the first person I rember at the FD, and we were parters in crime on the 3rd shift. I was given an open invitation to visit, and John suggested that Brian and I go together. I like that. He's an awesome traveling buddy- we had great times back in the day. Until last night I'd not hung out with him for almost a year. It's been that long...crazy. The weird thing is that spending time together last night was very natural, plus he wore the shirt I bought back in the day. I have great taste. So, we'll see.

This is the eve of my weekend. I am stoked. I will rejoyce as I leave the Hyatt tomorrow. I think I may tail gate this Sat. too with the gang. Kriszta is planning a doozie, sicne I'm off I may as well go and get shit faced with my fellow Alumni. GO KNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!
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