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Calling All Homebodies

Ahhh...not having to do anthing...and not having anything to do...urgh. My roomies jetted this weekend to thier respective plans, and I cleaned. I scrubbed the bathroom because it looks like ass, and it still does. I can not get the mildew or the water damage or wahtever it is that is adheared to the grout in the shower. I did the best I could and used the stongest chemicals that I could find at a reasonable price. The soap scum is gone, the calcium deposits are gone...the black shit remains. I attacked the kitchen too, only didn't mop the floors, I HATE that shit. Vacumed and did laundry too while watching movies on HBO. Saw "Chaising Liberty" for the 3rd time, I LOVE that movie!! I guess it's because she travels all over Europe, and I hinestly do think Mandy Moore is a very good actress.

Went to UGB last night nice and early to work on the list. I have T minus 18 beers left on the list to get to the 100. I am very proud of myself. I may actually finish something I started. Imagine that. I was there with the inetntion of having 3, then I had another, then one was bought for me...I know, stupid. I also didn't have dinner before I went. I was not fit to drive, this I know now. Got Taco Bell, came home and I think took DIxie out, that I don't remeber too well. I think I did becuase I remember coming in the house and my phone ringing. FInally got to talk to Brent, it must be out weekly meeting time or something. I did spend last Sun. and Mon. after work with him. Mon. was really fun when we went out to eat then downtown for a few drinks. I never go downtown on a week night, and I have never been ther with Brent either. We're homebodies. We usually spend our time together cooking, watching movies, and maybe venturing out into the world for a moment. It was fun.

Wed. I went downtoen again. I know, I am a lush it seems. This time I went to nickel beer night, but I could not find the nickel beer. It was like $2 for a cup that would be filled up from pitchers. I opted for the $.75 bottled beer. I double fisted it. After one round I choose to go home, my friends stayed out. I am gald I left, they got home at 2am. I had to work the next day. That's it for the outings this week.

This upcoming week State Farm is here, I hope that all goes well. They are a high profile group. I also know they tip at the end, I want money.
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