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I LOVE Concerts!!

WAHOO!!! I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that I went to the concert last night. NIN, Trent Reznor...I love you!!!

Funny how things work out sometimes. I have to thank Brent for not going to the show. If he was there I would never have had the oppertunity to switch tickets. Melinda was my date this time. Helen wound up going to the show too because her friend Mike and his girlfrined broke up and she took her place. Irnoic? Anyhow. I had plent of time to get ready for the show. I straightned my hair, piled on the eye make-up, punked out the wardrobe, and drank margaritas. Yum. I know I took the tickets to Helen's house where I met Melinda. I didn't have them once I was there. I searched the car, had Mel drive back home- nothing. I called Ticketmaster and had a new set made at TD Waterhouse. By this time I missed Death Above 1979. I was mad because their CD rocks. Got it the other day.

Finally got to TD and got a beer first thing. I was tippy at this point. Queens of the Stonage was on, not that great. They played well, but the show was boaring. I was in my seat with Mel till the end of the set. Then we met up with Helen and Mike. Helen switched my ticket for when NIN came on, she had floor tickets, what I wanted all along. I had another beer, was drunk at this point, and took my new ticket with the wrist band held together with gum to the floor. The rest is a blur for a while. Mike said as soon as Trent took the stage that I ran to the front of the stage. I apparently got stuck in a mosh pit, got knocked in the head, went down, and 2 secoonds later popped up and ran even closer to the stage. I was about 5 "rows" back from the front for the show. I was pressed against the other people, mostly guys, thrown around and almost taken down multiple times. The show ROCKED!!!! I LOVE TRENT!!!! Mel said the special effects were awesome, but I didn't see them from where I was. I did have a great view of my love though. It was like one big orgy. I had a guy try to kiss me. I think I bit someone's sholder. I screamed my head off. I had the best time ever. Thank you Melinda, Helen, Mike, and shit for brains for making me have a great time.

I am paying for it today though. I have bruises on top of bruises. I hurt in very strange places. My neck from rocking out, my arms are messed up, my legs too, and I have a bruise on my boob. Oh yeah, and my head. I have a small bump. No bruise as of yet, we'll see if that surfaces. I also had the dry mouth and other things that go along with drinking too much. I stopped before NIN took the stage. The rest of them continued to drink at Casy's after the show. I just had popcorn there. I think I threw more of it at Helen than I ate too. It was good times.
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i am so jealous! NIN is the SHIT! :)