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Old Friends and Unexpected Fun

OK, I really love concerts. It id my new goal to attend one a day. No, really. I just want to go to more. I have the best time. Maybe it's because of the people I am with or the beer I drink. Either way, I love 'em. I got to go to the Yellowcard concert at UCF this past Sat. It was unexpeced because I thought I was going to St. Pete, but that fell through at the last minute. I got home from work and Mel, Kriszta, Andrea, and Hope said ishould just go, they would sneak me in. We got there and the guy at the door took one look at Melinda, "said you all together?", and let us all in. From there we acted like we were 19 and had a balst. We snuck in mini's of Jack because Hope was convienced that they did not sell alcohol. They do. Beer. But it's $5 a pop. Ouch. So, we got cokes, went to the bathroom, and added the Jack. We were tippy on the floor. It was great.

I have fallen in love with two new bands- Forever Changed and Acceptance. They, along with the Pink Spiders (ew) opened up for Yellowcard. The show rocked. I danced, screamed, and jumped my heart out. Mel said she was bad that I came because all the others were not into the show. We sang to each other. It was great. Especailly when Yellowcard came on. There is one song that I refused to listen to by them for the past year. It was a song that Brian really liked and said reminded him of me. That made me sad for a while. At the show I sang my rage out, and I'm cured now. Went to UGB after the show. Wished that I worked on my list more, but I was not into the drinking thing at this point. Had 2 from the list and was done. I have T-minus 11 beers left. Wahoo. It's good to have goals.

I wnet to Tampa on Sun. and had lunch with Kathy. Hadn't seen her since her wedding 3 years ago. It was like not time had passed at this point. That's the best type of friend to have. We'd been talking more lately. It's cool. Now that she is living in Tampa I have to excuse to see her. It was great. We had lunch and walked the mall. I bought my first thing of MAC make-up. Overpriced it. Drove to the hill after that. Had dinner with the 'rents and then went to see Miranda and Emma. BABY!!! Loved it. She is so cute. I hadn't held a baby in so long. I got to feed her too. She is so cute, cuddly, and beautiful. Glad it's her and not me.

So, spent Mon. with my mom. Pete really got into Halloween and dressed up. On my way back to O-town I stopped at Best Buy and got both the Acceptance and Forever Changed CD's. I am addicited to music again. It is my goal to get a new CD a week. I'll be in debt to Best Buy before too long it seems. But, I guess it's nothing different than being in debt to 4 credit card agencys. Debt is great. Back to work for that job that pays so well. Wahoo.
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