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And so it goes...

Well, we talked. And I must say that I am very happy that we can do this and be civil about it. I must say that I didn't know what I wanted going into it, and I am still not sure now. I know that I am happy that I got things off my chest, and I have no regrets about anyhing said. I am sill hurting, and I am still confused. I sill am not sure why he stopped caring, and I am hurt very much by this. He feels that he can not have a relationship at this point in his life, and I agree as hard as that is. I know that being second rate or lower is no way to be in a relationship...but I am glutten for punishment, and I did it before, I'd do it again. Why, I do not know. I am sad, and I wish that I didn't have to say good-by when I did. I was hoping for a miricle of some kind, like in the movies when the light flashed in one's head and they have a sudden realization that "oh yeah, you are right" thing. No, it didn't happen, and I can not live my life like it will. I sill plan to improve myself to become a happier person, and in time maybe I can love again...God, that sounds painful. But, as I said before, the sun will rise again tomorrow...and life will go on,'s sad in it's own way.
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