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Another week, and it's Sunday. Wahoo. The only postive thing about returnfing to work is that I will not spend the money that I am not making. The pop-up trip to the mall proved fruitful for the wardrobe, but devistating to the wallet. Thanks Kriszta.

So, as a follow up to the last entry, i did win that Sat. night. Brent gave up on his friend and we went to the movies. We saw "The Exercism of Emily Rose", and it was really good. The damn kids behind us I wanted to kill, but waht can you do. Went to the Weezer/Foo Fighters concert in Tampa on Sunday which rocked. I met up with Tricia before and had lunch, got my TV, and just hung out for a bit. Went to Channelside to meet up wih my friends and found that Tara got two flat tires on the way up from Naples and couldn't make the concert. We had her ticket and attempted to scalp it- unsuccessfully. In the end KZ tried to just give it away and this nice guy gave ou and almost fell asleep on the road I was so tired. I got 4 hous of sleep and went into work. It was a short day so I came home early and crashed for a long summer nap. Ahh....

Wed. I went to Brent's after work to drip off the TV. I have no use for it now, he may as well keep it otherwise it would be in the garrage. Funny to wach him carry the thing alone up the stairs. I remember getting that thing up to 3rd floor apt. back in the day and the struggle. Thanks to those who helped in the past ;). I made the assumption that I was going to hang out with him that night, but he made plans with his friends. I couldn't be mad, we never discussed it, but he felt bad and said he was mine Thurs. Met up Thurs. and watched some stupid shit he got from his friens the night before. CKY appernetly was the pre-Bam phenomonon in PA. All I saw were guys pooping off bridges and running into things. I lost 5000 brain cells that afternoon. We went the Wrold Market and the FL Mall after all that. While in Godiva the girl behind the counter started taling to me about my DG shirt. One thing led to another then the funny part begins. She asked if I knew Brian Wurme. It took all my concentration to not laugh my ass off here. The reason being I was with Brent and being asked that question was fucking akward. She was like, do you know him well, and I was like, yeah. He's an old friend. Fun times.

That night stayed over and got to have anoteher talk. Now, I want to preface this with it was not my who stared this, well, maybe. But, it was a different conversation that I was having. He started with the whole- "if we're going to have a relationship you have to undertand that I am moody". OK, so am I. We got into our quirks and peeves from here. I now know he's a morning person- not a night one. I am a night one. He's not too touchy feely primarily due to not having that as a kid, and I am the opposite. What it came down to is that we have to respect each other and comprimise to some extant. Ahh...trying to be an adult. Fun. The night ended well- no complanints here. Guess he's getting into relationship mode after all. Hehehe. I knew it.

Friday night went to the Less than Jake show at HOB. All because of Melinda I started drinking. I drank more that I thought I did and after I tried getting Tricia on the phone to listen to the show for 30 min. I randomly left the show. I went to Brent's but he wasn't home yet from work, so I went home. In the way I was at an intersection with a red arrow and fell asleep waiting for the change. Can't believe that. I cuold have gotten myself killed that night. As soon as I pulled into my driveway I got a call from Brent. So, I turend around and wnet back. This time I got Taco Bell. Low and behold the boy was shit faced too. He worked the wine dinner and then preceded to drink the wine that was not served. After chugging 2 bottles he left. It was highly comical to see us talk to each other, we were practially screaming for no reason. When we got up in the morning he was convinced he was still drunk. He had to go to work- I went to the mall. I slept most of the day after that. He worked until 11 at night. I went downtown with KZ and Sam. I got back at 3 bed by 4. Had fun even if it was last minute decision to go downtown. Pumpkin Ale is back, wahoo!!!! Got a phone call at 5am from Brent. He was on his way to work, don't know why he called, but it's all good. I was like, I just went to sleep, and he was like, FU, I'm going to work. Hehehhe. So, I slept in till noon and now I', doing laundy and stuff. Have to go and pick up my rommies cars around town. Mel's is at Disney and KZ's is downtown. Fun day ahead of me!!!
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