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My Crazy Ass Firends

OK, I have seen them get crazy, have balls of steel and molest strangers, or drink till they forget who they are...but I have not seen them fight. Yes, fight. Hope got into a fist fight at the tailgate today. We were out there for like 6 hours at this point and drinking. I had given up on the beer a fews hours into this thing one to not have to pee in the port-o-potty and two because I am stupid, but in the end, smart. I wanted to get going becuase I did not want to go into the game, but everyone was still drinking. Jamie drank a shit load and after she stopped daning and laughitng at nothing, she started puking. This guy next to us started making fun of her. Sam heard him and got pissed. She told Hope to do sometihng about it. Hope got up in this guy's face and said stop it, she just had a lot to drink- all alcohol, and she's sick. He didn't stop. Then this girl joined in. This is where Hope got violent. She punched this guy and girl and started screaming at the top of her lungs. These guys we were with had to pull her back and hold her off. She was off the ground flailing her arms and kicking like mad. It was funny to see, but sad at the same time. Beer was being thrown everywhere, Alex got clobbered with a beer can. The fight could have continued, but the cops were on their way at this point, so Hope ran into exile.

After hiding out for a half an hour, she came around and was laughing about the ordeal. We tried to gather our belongings and left...or tried to. When we got to the car it was blocked in pretty badly. I tried to manuver it out of the spot with no luck. Alex was drunk and thought she could do a better job...nope! Then a cop came over and was like "Is there a woman driving that thing?". Ass. He came over and tried to get the car out himself, he had to resort to backing up over the curb because it was impossible. See? It's not a "woman" thing. Ass. Sean, Melinda's brother, wanted to attempt to get the car himself, but the cop was like "Anyone who's had something to drink is not allowed to get behind the wheel!". OK, I agree. This is where me not drinking for a few hours is a very good thing. I bet that the only reason the guy came over in the first place was to see if we were drunk and trying to drive. HA! I was sober!! And I drive home.

The other reason I stopped drinking was because I was upset. Upset at the fact I still had not recieved a call. I was told the other day I'd get a call when he got off work today. It was about 7pm and nothing. I came home, showered off the massive sweat, and went on-line. Around 8:30 I got a call from the Hyatt. He was at work. Apparently he was feeling horrible yesterday and called in. This is not like him, he had to be in bad shape. He thinks it's mono, I sure as hell hope not. For way too many reasons that would be very bad. So after he called in, got massive shit from Chef for doing so, his schedule was changed on him without being told. He went into work at 6am like he thought, but was told to leave and come back and close. So, he's there till 2am. Nice. He does have off Sun. and Mon. I have off Sun. He said he'd call tomorrow when he wakes us. I hope he wakes up at a reasonable hour. I also hope that he's feeling better and is up to something. I know I'm a bit selfish here...he could be very sick and all I can think of if he's going to want to go out. At lease I know what's up. He's not being the ass that I am trying to make him into- he's really working like mad, and he's ill. Wonder if I'll remember this next time I freak. There goes the paranoid over reacting me thing again. I don't learn.

So, I am speding a Sat. night at home doing laundry and catching up with my roomies. Heard that we won the game today!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! Now we're 3-2. And we're 3-0 in our conference. Wouldn't it be awesome to go to a conference bowl? I would freak, in a good way. It would be about damn time to do that. We need to get the football team together and win some REAL shit. Then maybe people will respect us more. And if we continue this maybe nest year we'll get decent recruits and really kick some ass. Ahhh, wishful thinking.
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